Voting Locations

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The City of Oak Creek is divided into six aldermanic (voting) districts based upon the latest census information, ensuring an even distribution of the population within each district. Each district is then divided into three individual wards, which are combined for voting purposes at this time. As the City grows in the future, Oak Creek will be required to separate wards within each district (polling location).

Please note that you may not appear randomly at any polling site to vote. Your voting site is assigned based on your address.

To check your voter registration and polling site location, visit My Vote Wisconsin.

Voting Locations:

District 1, Wards 1-2-3
School Administration Building
7630 S. 10th Street

District 2, Wards 4-5-6
West Middle School
8401 S. 13th Street

District 3, Wards 7-8-9
East Middle School
9330 S. Shepard Avenue

District 4, Wards 10-11-12
National Guard Armory
8520 S. Howell Avenue

District 5, Wards 13-14-15
Parkway Church
10940 S. Nicholson Road

District 6, Wards 16-17-18-19
Oak Creek Community Center
8580 S. Howell Avenue