Lake Vista Park

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Lake Vista Rental Information

The Pavilion

  • Rental Hours are from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Building capacity is 65 people. Seating capacity is 45. Facility has 3 garage doors on east side of building that open to accommodate additional outdoor seating.
  • Pavilion: 970 square feet, includes a serving kitchen (275 square ft.) with refrigerator and area for catering hot boxes.
  • Patio: 760 square feet with 4 picnic tables
  • Pets are not allowed in the building.
  • The building is air conditioned.
  • There are 2 sets of restrooms. One with outdoor access only and is available to the public. One with indoor access for rental portion only. Restrooms are handicap accessible.
  • 5 round tables and 45 chairs are available upon request.
  • NO SMOKING in the pavilion.
  • No fasteners/decorations of any kind are to be used on walls, ceiling, light fixtures, etc.
  • Use of tents/canopies and their specific location needs approval of the Recreation Department.
  • Tents CANNOT be staked down. Tent company must have weights to hold posts.
  • Any tent/canopy that is larger than 10’x10’ (maximum size 30’x76’) requires a permit from the City of Oak Creek

Rental Fees (Rental fees are due at the time of reservation)

  • Resident fees for Monday - Thursday: $250 p/day Summer/$25 p/hour (2 hr min) Winter*
  • Resident fees for Friday - Sunday & Holidays: $475 p/day Summer/$250 p/day Winter*
  • Non- resident fees are double resident rates.

*A $200 cash or credit card security deposit is required for all rentals on the day that the keys are picked up. All fees are per day except Monday through Thursday rentals.

Please see the Lake Vista Park Pavilion Rental Information Below for more Information.