Recycling Yard Information

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720 W. Puetz Road

Hours of Operation:

  • Tuesday, Friday, & Saturday from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Extended hours, Tuesdays 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., April through September
  • Closed 2018 Holidays (January 2, March 30, November 23, December 25 and January 1, 2019)

Reminder to Residents:

  • During times of snow and inclement weather, the City of Oak Creek drop off center may be closed to allow department employees to concentrate on plowing, sanding and other weather-related operations.
  • We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. Call 570-5682 to check recycling yard status.

General Information:

  • The yard is open to all occupants of a residence or other dwelling unit for which the occupant receives an individual property tax bill issued by the City of Oak Creek.
  • No items may exceed 4' in length except for branches, furniture, appliances and metals.
  • No contractor vehicles will be allowed into the yard.
  • Have your driver's license ready.
  • If you have an item that requires payment (freon appliances, TV sets, and tires,), please be ready to make that payment. ($15 / each freon appliance, $20 / each tv, and $3 / each tire)
  • Please follow the direction of the yard person greeting you.
  • For the safety of your children and pets, they must remain in your vehicle at all times.
  • No Loitering or Scavenging - Due to high traffic volumes, especially on Saturdays, we ask that you limit your time in the yard.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Gasoline engines of any type must be free of gasoline and oil.

Acceptable Recycling Yard Items:

  • Anti-Freeze
  • Appliances (Freon $15.00 each) - Doors must be removed from refrigerator & freezers
  • Asphalt
  • Batteries
  • Bicycles
  • Brush
  • Cardboard
  • Carpeting and Padding – roll widths NO greater than 4’ wide
  • Computer Items
  • Concrete
  • Dirt
  • Drain Oil
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Furniture
  • General Garbage
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Mattresses
  • Metal
  • Paper (newspaper, magazines, and telephone books)
  • Propane Tanks
  • Recyclables (Co-mingled aluminum cans, metal food cans, glass bottles & jars, plastics #1 through #7)
  • Snow Blowers
  • Sod
  • Stumps
  • Televisions ($20.00 each)
  • Tires (3.00 each) - Tires must be removed from rims
  • Vehicular Salvage (exhaust systems, tune-up parts, shock absorbers, lights, rims)
  • Wood

Unacceptable Recycling Yard Items:

  • Gasoline
  • Grass Clippings (including thatch)
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Medical Waste
  • Paint
  • Shingles / Roofing Material
  • Vehicular Salvage (except parts list above)