Garbage and Recycling Cart Placement

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Garbage and Recycling carts for newly constructed homes may be obtained by calling Advanced Disposal at (262) 679-0860. You may also call this number to request cart repairs or to purchase additional carts. All garbage and recycling must be placed in these carts. Any garbage or recycling left outside the carts will not be collected.

The diagram above indicates the correct placement of your weekly garbage cart (blue) and your bi-weekly recycle cart (green). Please place your carts on the opposite corners of your driveway approach with the arrows on the lid pointing toward the street. Please DO NOT place your garbage cart (blue) on the same side of your approach as your mailbox, or within 5 feet of any vertical obstruction, including your recycle cart. Also, a 15 foot minimum clearance is needed around parked vehicles. The truck's claw needs this spacing to ensure a safe clearance to pick up and set down your cart. When there is an obvious reason you cannot place your carts as directed in the diagrams, please use your best judgment when placing your carts to the curbside. If your carts need to be relocated or placed differently, your garbage collector will place a red tag sticker on your cart with specific instructions.