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Animals and Diseases

Zoonotic diseases are infectious disease caused by infections that are shared between animals and humans.  The Health Department investigates and enforces state and city rules regarding animal control reducing the risk of zoonotic diseases that affect humans. Visit the CDC Website for more information.

Animal Bites

All animal bites should be reported to the Oak Creek Police Department.  A rabies observation period is required for dogs, cats and ferrets that have bitten humans.  Wild animals that have bitten humans or your family pet should be tested for rabies.  The Health Department will ensure quarantine and facilitate rabies testing of animals that have bitten humans.  In Wisconsin it is the law that all dogs are vaccinated for rabies and in Milwaukee County, this requirement applies to cats also.

Fact Sheet on the 10 day quarantine requirement.

Animal Control - Milwaukee County Animal Services

Wisconsin Humane Society and MADACC are the largest animal welfare organizations in Milwaukee County and many people are not sure who to call when they have a question, concern or animal related problem. Please click here to see our chart to help guide you when you or an animal is in need.

Oak Creek City Pet Ordinance