2011 Citizen Engagement and Priority Assessment Results

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In late 2011 the City contracted with Cobalt Community Research to conduct a random sample survey of Oak Creek residents to gauge opinions on a variety of topics including City services, budgeting priorities, and the future of City Hall and the Library. The goals of the study were to aid the City in budgeting and strategic planning decisions, measure performance and compare it statewide, regionally, and nationally, and to determine residents opinions on which City services have priority when making tough budget choices.

The survey was developed from a random sample of 1,500 residents taken from voter records. There were two survey mailings to increase the rate of response. These were sent out in November and December 2011. There was a response rate 35 percent (533 surveys returned) resulting in a 95 percent confidence rate and a +/- 4.2 margin of error.

On January 17, 2012 Cobalt Community Research presented the survey findings to the Common Council. The presentation and survey results can be found below.

Should you have any questions or need more information about the community survey, please contact Jeff Fortin in the Community Development Department at 414-768-6528 or via e-mail at jfortin@oakcreekwi.org.