Water & Sewer Utility Commission

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Municipal Code §2.67

Term: 5 years, commencing October 1st
Membership: 5 members


  • Ald. Ken Gehl (A 4/09) (exp 4/19)
  • Fredrick Siepert* (A 9/93) (exp 9/18)
  • Gerald Wille (A 11/85) (exp 9/20)
  • Dale Richards (A 11/11) (exp 9/22)
  • Ed Siira (A 9/14) (exp 9/19)


The Water & Sewer Utility Commission is a 5-member Commission that was created by the Mayor and Common Council on September 23, 1960. Their duties are to take entire charge and management of the Utility with powers, such as having the responsibility of handling their own personnel matters and establishing rules and regulations for operations. The Utility is a self supporting business or enterprise fund which is owned and under the general control of the Common Council.The Oak Creek Water and Sewer Utility has become one of the major utilities in the State of Wisconsin and one of the fastest growing. The Commission continues to plan for the future.

The Utility takes great pride in providing customers with the highest quality water at the most cost-effective price and are dedicated to carrying out this commitment into the next century.