Traffic & Safety Commission

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Municipal Code §2.73

Term: 3 years, appointed Oct 1st
Membership: 8 voting members

  • 3 citizen members
  • Police Representative
  • Fire Department Representative
  • Engineering Representative
  • Street Representative
  • 1 Alderman


  • Rich Duchniak (Ald Rep) (A 4/17) (exp 4/19)
  • Andrew Sagan (Police Rep)
  • Mike Havey (Fire Rep)
  • Matt Sullivan (Eng. Rep)
  • Ralph Kneusel (Street Rep)
  • Kevin Rokenbrodt (A 3/17) (exp 3/20)
  • Greg Wolf (A 7/15) (exp 10/20)
  • Rudy Umbs (A 6/16) (exp 4/19)


The Commission coordinates traffic and safety activities, carries on educational activities in traffic and safety matters, and supervises the preparation and publication of traffic reports. They also receive complaints regarding traffic and safety matters. Recommend to the Common Council, and other City officials, ways and means for improving traffic and safety conditions and the administration and enforcement of traffic regulations and safety conditions.