Library Board

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Municipal Code §2.66(a)

Term: 3 years, beginning July 1st, should be staggered so no more than 2 citizens are appointed annually
Membership: 5 citizens, 1 Alderman (1 yr. term) and 1 School District Representative


  • Greg Loreck (Ald Rep) (A 4/17) (exp 4/19)
  • Sharon A. Armstrong (A 6/08) (exp 6/19)
  • Karen E. Umbs (A 2/91) (exp 6/20)
  • Dr. Tim Culver, School Superintendent (School Rep)
  • Patricia Parks (A 4/10) (exp 6/19)
  • Pamela Aiken (A 3/12) (exp 6/18)
  • Carol Sagan (A 3/13) (exp 6/18)


Public Libraries in the State of Wisconsin are governed by Library Boards as stipulated in Chapter 43 of the Wisconsin State Statutes.

The main responsibilities of the Library Board are to appoint a City Librarian and other assistants and employees as it deems necessary, to prescribe the duties and compensation for these positions. The Library Board has exclusive control of the expenditure of all monies appropriated or donated to the Library as well as Library property.