Landscape & Beautification Committee

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Municipal Code §2.23(a)

Term: 2 years, commencing on May 1st
Membership: Appointed by Mayor


  • Jeff Wendt (A 5/14) (exp 5/20)
  • Glen Kulas (A 5/14) (exp 5/20)
  • Deb Chvilicek (A 5/14) (exp 5/20)
  • Dave Chvilicek (A 7/14) (exp 5/20)
  • Chris Guzikowski (Ald Rep) (A 5/14) (exp 5/20)
  • Steve Bautch (A 5/14) (exp 5/20)
  • Rebecca Lane (A 5/14)
  • Tim Tehan (A 8/14) (exp 5/20)
  • Sharon Tehan (A 8/14) (exp 5/20)

Ex-Officio Members

  • Dan Bukiewicz


The Landscape and Beautification Committee shall promote, conduct, and award the annual City of Oak Creek Landscaping Awards. The Committee will create and review the criteria for eligibility, promote the competition, select the finalists, and award the winners for residences and businesses within the City. In addition, the Committee will work with the Streets, Parks, and Forestry Department to promote and enhance the natural areas of the City. The Committee may attend other meetings as approved by the Common Council, and should report to the Council following their regular meetings.