Finance Committee

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Municipal Code §2.23(a)(5)

Term: 1 year
Membership: 3 Alderpersons (1 yr. term), 1 city resident


  • Ald. Mike Toman (A 4/14) (exp 4/17)
  • Vacant
  • Ald. Ken Gehl (A 4/13) (exp 4/17)
  • Zach Olson (A 4/14) (exp 4/17)

Ex-officio Members

  • Mayor
  • City Administrator
  • City Clerk
  • City Treasurer
  • Finance Director / Comptroller


The purpose of the Finance Committee shall be to analyze the financial and operational policies of the City, to make recommendations for continuous improvement to these policies, while at the same time providing a reasonable level of service for the least cost.