Environmental Advisory Committee

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Municipal Code §2.75

Term: 2 years, commencing on May 1st
Membership: 5 citizen members with City Forester as an advisory member


  • Judith Canfora (A 5/03)
  • Dennis Havey (A 12/7/99)
  • Jeauan Hofmann (A 3/02)
  • David L. Shekoski (A 2/91)
  • -vacancy-

Advisory Members

  • Rebecca Lane


This Committee shall consider any possible changes that may be mandated or voluntarily recommended regarding recycling, composting, or other such environmentally related programs. In addition, this Committee shall, upon referral of the Council, review concerns relating to landfills, hazardous materials, or other such environmentally related issues. Such consideration or review would occur where the Common Council feels the Committee's input would enhance the final decision of the Common Council.