Community Development Authority

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Municipal Code §2.78

Term: 4 years, 2 members for one year and one each for terms of 2,3 and 4 years.
Membership: 5 citizens and 2 Aldermen
Ex-officio Members: City Administrator, City Attorney, Director of Community Development


  • Kenneth Gehl (Ald Rep) (A 4/12) (exp 4/19)
  • Steve Kurkowski (Ald Rep) (9/12) (exp 4/19) (chair)
  • Jerry Hammernik (A 11/10) (exp 12/19)
  • Marie A. Myszkowski (Pres.) (A 5/02) (exp 12/19)
  • Justin Arndt (A 5/14) (exp 12/21)
  • Balhair Dulai (A 9/12) (exp 12/19)
  • Kashoua Yang Thao (A 9/16) (exp 12/19)

Ex-officio Members

  • Doug Seymour (Sec.)
  • Dan Bukiewicz
  • Andrew Vickers


The Community Development Authority (CDA) was created in September of 1994. The CDA was created to function as the City's economic development organization; whose role is to coordinate the City's marketing efforts for attracting new business and industries to the City, as well as monitoring the existing business and industries to make sure they remain an integral part of the City's tax and employment base. In addition, it will also continue the duties of the City's former Housing Authority; which went out of existence when the CDA was formed.