Board of Review

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Municipal Code §2.64 (Zoning) and §2.69 (Housing)

Term: 3 years, staggered, commencing on May 1st of each year
Membership: 5 members and 2 alternates


  • Patricia McCleary Groth (A 6/90) (exp 4/22)
  • Steve Troscon (A 5/16) (exp 5/21)
  • Bradley J. Evans (A 6/00) (exp 5/20)
  • Frank Haybeck (A 5/99) (exp 6/20)
  • Jim Potter (A 9/17) (exp 5/21)

Alternate Members

  • Dennis McNulty (Alt 1) (A 6/03) (exp 5/20)
  • Janice Wilinski (Alt 2) (A 6/06) (exp 5/20)


The Board of Review is a function of the City Clerk's Office. The Board is a quasi-judicial body which conducts formal hearings on objections to property assessments. After hearing testimony from both the property owner and the City Assessor, it is the Board Members' task to determine whether the assessment was properly placed. The Board is governed by Wisconsin State Statutes and meets once each year upon the completion of the Assessment Roll to hear as many objections as are received.