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Brian Johnston

Engineering Department

Coming to Wisconsin from Iowa, where he attended the University of Iowa, Development Engineer Brian Johnston is straightforward in one of the biggest reasons why he chose to move here, Lake Michigan. A fisherman and boating enthusiast, Brian spends the summers salmon fishing on the lake, primarily for Coho salmon, but also just for the enjoyment of boating on one of the Great Lakes. He’s also a Harley motorcycle rider, owning a low-rider for the past 23 years, which he recently rode on a trip around Lake Michigan.

Married to Alice, with two children Brandon, 4, and Sophia, 2, Brian hasn’t forgotten his Hawkeye roots; his city hall office is adorned with lots of gold and black memorabilia, a constant connection to his home state. Hired in Oak Creek in 2002, Brian is responsible for the oversight of resident, industrial, and commercial buildings in Oak Creek, the 2nd stop at city hall for new business developers, and also handles all Wisconsin Department of Transportation projects in the city.

“I enjoy the people I work with, we’re able to bounce ideas off each other, and no one has any hidden agendas,” he said, talking about the significance of the new Drexel Town Square development on the former Delphi site. “It’s an exciting time to be working here with the transformation of a new downtown taking place.”

When he’s not on the lake or on his Harley, Brian spends the rest of his free time “chasing his kids around” at his home in Wind Lake. In addition to his Engineering Department duties, Brian also serves on the Plan Commission for the City of Oak Creek, which meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month.

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