Pet Licenses

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Wisconsin State Statue

It is required by Wisconsin State Statue for all dog and cat owners in Milwaukee County to license their pets. Simply stated, a tagged animal is much easier to reunite with his/her owner. Please see the MADACC link below to review the benefits animals with licenses receive when found while wearing a current license should they happen to be found as a stray in the community: All municipalities in Milwaukee County now use the same fee structure for licensing.

For all services offered by MADACC, please follow this link:

Pet Licensing

Renewal postcards (emails for online licensing) should be received from MADACC by January 31st. If you do not receive one, please contact MADACC at (414) 649-8640. Please provide postcard at time of licensing.

Licensing Requirements:

  1. For dogs (limit three) and cats over five months of age.
  2. A current certificate of rabies vaccination showing the tag number and the expiration date (will be returned with the license), unless dates on the postcard are current.
  3. License year of January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018 is Due by March 31, 2018.

Beginning April 1st, a late fee will be charged except for a New Resident or New Pet Owner who licenses within 30 days of:

  • residency
  • obtaining a dog or cat on or after April 1st
  • when a dog or cat reaches five months of age on or after April 1st

Licensing Options:

ONLINE, with a credit card at Add $1 to License fee.


  • Make check payable to MADACC, 3839 W. Burnham St, West Milwaukee, WI  53215. Add $1 to License fee.
  • Make check payable to City of Oak Creek, 8040 S. 6th Street, Oak Creek, WI  53154.

CITY HALL, make check payable to City of Oak Creek. You may wish to avoid December and January since it is the busiest time for tax payments.

Male or Female Dogs / Cats:

  • License Fees:  $24.00
  • *Late Fees:  $12.00

Neutered or Spayed Dogs/Cats

  • License Fees:  $12.00
  • *Late Fees:  $6.00

*If late, the license will not be issued without the applicable late fee.

Wisconsin State Statutes, Section 174 makes it mandatory for dogs and cats to be licensed. See the Municipal Ordinance on animal regulations at, Your Government, Clerk’s Office, Municipal Code, Ch. 07 Licensing and Regulations, Sec 7.40 Animal Regulations.