Police Department offers Vacation Watch Program to Residents

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Planning a vacation? The Oak Creek Police Department offers an added sense of security by offering the “Vacation Watch” program.  Vacation Watch provides residents of the City of Oak Creek who are out of town a way to discourage thieves from making them victims.

Here is how it works:

Call the Oak Creek Police Department at (414) 762-8200 and Dispatch will help you with your request.

Residents may also fill out the Vacation Watch Form Here, print it off and turn it in at the Oak Creek Police Department, 301 W Ryan Rd, Oak Creek, WI 53154, prior to your intended vacation.

Police Aides will periodically check your residence to make sure it is secure*.  If anything out of the ordinary is observed during the check, the emergency contact you provide will be contacted.

If you intend to shorten or extend your time away, please call Dispatch to change the information. Upon returning home after your vacation, please contact us.

*Vacation Watch will be completed by the Oak Creek Police Department. The frequency of these checks will be dependent upon call loads. Active calls for service will take precedence.

**This program is not typically intended for homes permanently abandoned/unoccupied or homes for sale or rent.

Call the Oak Creek Police Department – (414) 762-8200 – for more information on this program.

Vacation Watch