OCPD: ‘Pokémon Go’ Raises Safety and Privacy Concerns

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The game requires players to move and pay attention to the touchscreen as they seek out Pokémon, prompting agencies to urge players to stay aware of their surroundings and be careful.

What is meant as a fun game can have dangerous consequences. Trespassing and suspicious activity calls increase as privacy and restricted areas are compromised.

Please remember these tips when playing games or using your mobile phone.

  • Be aware of your surroundings – distracted walking is now rated as a top fatality.
  • Do not enter roadways while walking distracted.
  • Use common sense!
  • Respect posted signage.  DO NOT TRESSPASS!
  • Restricted Areas – Fenced Construction Sites and other dangerous locations are off limits.
  • Respect the privacy of your neighbors.
  • Permission is needed from your neighbors to enter their yard or property they own.
  • Church Property and Business Property should be respected as restricted unless you are given permission by the owners
  • Do not drive while using your phone or playing the game.
  • Make sure that your device is blocking any information that you do not want others to acquire, including your apps and personal information.
  • Stay safe! Your life is more important than playing a game!

In Missouri, four teens were arrested for allegedly using the app to lure potential robbery victims.