Oak Creek Common Council Approves Budget for Lake Vista Redevelopment

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In an effort to make Oak Creek’s lakefront accessible to everyone, the Oak Creek Common Council approved allocating $14.6 million in funds to the Lake Vista Redevelopment project at its Tuesday, October 7th meeting.  According to City Administrator Jerry Peterson, plans should move quickly, including the authorization of necessary design work beginning in early 2015.

Redeveloped without the use of resident tax dollars, this public utility aid funded project will be financed with revenue from the Elm Road Generating Station. Additionally, the city has received or expects to receive over $3.7 million in grants.  The recently approved $14.6 million capital improvement budget includes allocated funding for each of the four projects associated with the Lake Vista Redevelopment. Allocated funding includes:

  • North Bluff Stabilization - $1.3 million
  • Road Extension to provide public access – $7.0 million
  • Community Park & Playground - $2.5 million
  • Terrace & Access to Lake - $3.0 million
  • Contingency - $800,000

North Bluff Stabilization

Expected to be started and completed in 2015, the North Bluff Stabilization and Access component of the Lake Vista Redevelopment project includes relocating contaminated soil while stabilizing the bluff slope. Additionally, the construction of a 12’ wide non-motorized asphalt path will allow movement through the area. This path will be over a half mile in length.

Road Extension

The Road Extension component of the Lake Vista Redevelopment will be designed to improve public access to the lakefront from the intersection of Hwy 100 and Hwy 32. It will also include an extension to 5th Avenue and the construction of Lake Vista Drive. Key components of this project include; sidewalks, street lights, on-street parking spaces, shared road bike lanes, drainage and a railroad crossing. The project is expected to begin early in 2016 and be completed prior to 2017.

Community Park / Active Recreational Area

Designed for everyone to use, the community park and playground component will include; restroom facilities, covered pavilions, on-site parking and a playground. To be completed in 2015, budgeted money will also be used for field preparation and seeding.

South Bluff Lakefront Connections

Also expected to be completed in 2015, the South Bluff Lakefront Connections component will include the creation of a bluff top vista / viewing area with access from Lake Vista Drive. This area will also include a path linking the waterfront to the Bender Park trails. Landscaping and other amenities are also planned for the area.