Going Paperless: Oak Creek’s Document Retention Program

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In 2012 the City of Oak Creek developed a plan to update and improve record retention. The efficient management of records is essential to the successful administration of local government.  A municipality’s records are also of concern to its citizens whose legal and financial interests they protest. Thus, records of a local government are a valuable asset to its officers, employees and to its citizens.  Key goals are defined by two determinations; records must be accessible, and record-keeping must be efficient.

To achieve the highest result, records must be created, organized, and disposed of systematically. Simply, the record management program has three goals:

  1. To keep fewer and more efficient records in the office.
  2. To provide for the orderly disposition of non-current records.
  3. To preserve valuable documents by identifying records which have significant administrative, financial, legal, or for historical research value.

Thus achieving real savings, by making information more readily available, by eliminating unproductive labor and by freeing funds and space required for unnecessary storage.

The City of Oak Creek is proud of the over 2 million documents scanned for retention. Processes have been updated requiring substantially less storage space.

To read more on the recognition received by the City’s hard work, visit the Laserfiche Website.

Catherine A. Roeske
City Clerk