City Forester to Perform EAB Treatment on Ash Trees

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City Forestry will administer injection treatments on certain ash street trees city-wide. Treatments will begin the week of June 13th and likely be done within 3 weeks. Treatments cannot be done in the rain. An indication that we have been in the area will be a chemical application posting every few trees.  Also, black, plastic plugs from the injection sites at the base of a treated tree will be visible.

For the purposes of ash management and long-term public safety, treatments on all but a few, healthy, young, white and blue ash trees will be temporary measures.  We are treating some of the remaining ash trees until replacements get large enough to shade the street.

Trees over 23 inch diameter or trees with wounds along the stem or base, will NOT be treated.

The chemical that will be used in this EAB treatment is an injectable insecticide with a brand name of TREE-age G4 and a chemical name of Emamectin Benzoate. A product description can be viewed at:  An Emamectin Benzoate application is labeled for two years however, in research has been shown to have 80-some percent effectiveness in the third year.  Some trees with poor branch structure will not distribute chemical evenly throughout the canopy and therefore individual branches may become infested.   Unseen decay pockets can also cause disruption of chemical uptake.

We will be marking removals later in the season unless we find something particularly declined at the time of treatment administration.  Removals will be marked with a pink X. 

Your assistance in caring for and monitoring private ash trees near public roads is greatly appreciated.